Friday Night


Slice of Life Challenge Day #17

On Friday night, a group of us ladies from my church got together. We did the usual including painting our nails, making fruit smoothies, and eating Canadian pizza (the popular delivery pizza here). Unsurprisingly, our conversation quickly went to talking about Youtube videos. “Did you see that YouTube video where….?” We went from talking about various Youtube videos to hooking up my friend’s laptop to the computer and starting searching YouTube.

We started watching some YouTube videos and one of my friends mentioned Mike Tompkins. I had never heard of him before. As we started watching, we became memorized by his talent, voice, and maybe his looks.  He actually sings acapella to songs and sings ALL the background parts. It’s pretty amazing. Apparently, he started beat boxing when he was 8 years old and hasn’t stopped since. He said in an interview that when he was young, he liked building legos and would beatbox at the same time for hours. It’s truly amazing all the incredible talent and creativity we can find on YouTube!

I think the cover he did of One Republic’s, Feel Again is my favorite! Remember, he sang, clapped or stomped to  all the parts to this song! There were no additional instruments used.

What is your favorite YouTube video? How do you use YouTube in the classroom?

6 thoughts on “Friday Night

  1. Lynn says:

    Yes, thanks for the reminder…I never seem to remember the YouTubes that are out there. The two you shared were great!

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