The Frenzy Before the Conferences


Slice of Life Challenge Day #13

The Frenzy Before the Conferences

Here’s my list of things I’ve accomplished and need to get done in prep for our student-led conferences tomorrow and Friday!

Update student work on my bulletin board outside. CHECK

Put up current classroom charts in my classroom. CHECK

Print and laminate photos of students. CHECK

Post the photos in the classroom bulletin board. CHECK

Clean my desk. CHECK

Print Conference schedule printed out and hanging outside the classroom door. CHECK.

Have students complete packet of reflections on their growth as learners in different subject areas. CHECK

Have students prepare and organize writing portfolios to share. CHECK

Have students help set up classroom desks and materials for stations. CHECK

Have students prepped with descriptions and expectations of the different stations for conferences. CHECK.

Have students practice run through of the stations with classmates for an hour before the schools day ends. CHECK.

Have student goals sorted and in order of when they are coming in with parents. CHECK.

Read through and add new strengths to the goals sheet. CHECK.

Pick out a good teacher outfit for conferences.

Get a good night’s sleep.

5 thoughts on “The Frenzy Before the Conferences

  1. aggiekesler says:

    You have been super busy!! The teachers at my school are also busy preparing for conferences. There’s a buzz in the air that can only come from the hurried and frenzied work of teachers. Good luck with your conferences. Hope they turn out great!

  2. elsie says:

    As I read this you should have gotten a good night’s sleep (it’s 6 am) and you have picked out the cute outfit. So have a great day and let those kids shine!

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