side by side


Slice of Life Challenge Day #12

This year, I had my students to join with me on the slice of life challenge. It has brought a new twist to the challenge for me. I am pleasantly surprised by their slices as I get a new peek into their daily lives. When I get home from school, not only do I get excited when I receive e-mails for comments on my posts, but when I see that they’ve linked their slice of life post I can’t wait to read what they wrote.

I see the students excited to blog and receive comments. I see them thinking more deeply about their daily lives. I see them able to look at the small moments in their lives and write about it a way that draws you in. I see them becoming better writers. I see them looking at the world with a writer’s eye.

I’m excited to see how they feel at the end of the challenge. Some of my students have committed to blogging every single day. I am curious to see which ones will make it to the end. I’m anticipating the sense of accomplishment that they will feel on March 31st after 31 days of blogging. I patiently write and wait, hoping that they will see the power in their words.

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