balancing act


Slice of Life Challenge #11

I totally did not get to blog yesterday. 😦  So I decided to write a poem about it…

Balancing Act

Finding the time to eat, sleep, work and play.

Finding the time to r  e  s  t.

Finding the time to support and encourage 22 unique kids in your classroom

Finding the time to Skype with family and friends.

Finding the time to prepare lessons plans and for conferences.

Finding the time for birthday parties of close friends.

Finding the time to blog and leave comments for this challenge.  

Finding the time for dance recitals and school fairs.

The struggle to balance all the beautifully spinning plates 



               Spinning faster

                               c   r    a    s    h

A plate falls down

but it’s ok

because you are not perfect, 

because there’s beauty in the brokenness,

because sometimes life just happens.

How do you find balance in your life? 

8 thoughts on “balancing act

  1. Joelle says:

    So true and so nice to see that I’m not alone. Miss you lady! I have been meaning to e-mail you to Skype but for exactly those reasons above… I haven’t made time, so sorry!

    God has blessed with you with a very beautiful world! I am so excited for you. Through times of business it’s great to just stop and be thankful! Thanks for your post, beautiful poem! ^^

  2. mpistek says:

    Beautiful piece! I love the structure and the way you typed out “rest” and “crash” with the rest of the words normal. I, like you it seems, find balance by knowing I am not perfect and letting the pieces fall where they are meant too. Keep up the great writing!

  3. aggiekesler says:

    Jee Young,
    Such a beautifully written poem! Your thoughts and feelings really stood out. I totally understand the stress that’s created from so many spinning plates and need to find balance. Sometimes you feel like you can’t get to it all in a day. I know I feel that way sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up over it at all.
    What I try to do to find balance is to make sure that I schedule time for myself, too. All too often work, friends, and life responsibilities (i.e. eating, sleeping, showering, exercise) creep into every crevice of available time. When you schedule time for yourself, you don’t have that time available for other things to fill up. Your personal time can be for anything you enjoy doing, even blogging. Hope this helps!
    You are an amazing person. I hope you know that!

  4. elsie says:

    There are a lot of plates spinning in your world, fortunately they are not all made of china so one can drop and you can pick it up to start the spinning again. It’s a busy world you live in, I hope you are enjoying it all.

  5. jhaworthoy says:

    I like how your described trying to keep your balance…spinning plates. I know there were times in my life when I felt like letting all the spinning plates crash and fall…and start all over. And yes, you are right…there is beauty in the broken. So glad you did not try to balance doing a post yesterday when you really could not fit in one more plate. That is taking care of yourself. Jackie

  6. mrssurridge says:

    Spinning plates is a great metaphor! It certainly explains how full the days are. I love that you didn’t just drop the plate and walk away. Today you picked it up and started spinning again. Great poem.

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