A New Sunday Ritual


Slice of Challenge Day #4

A New Sunday Ritual

Last week, I had finally taken the bus home from church instead of the MRT. My friend and I were walking over, when all of a sudden, we saw bus #145 zooming by towards the bus stop down the street. My friend sprinted ahead past me and towards the bus like an Olympic runner. No glancing back, she just went for it. I trailed behind her, gaining speed and momentum. As we ran down the block, we saw people coming out of the back of the bus. People were still getting onto the bus. She made it first, and slowly walked onto the bus waiting for me.  A few seconds later, I got to the bus and was the last person to enter. As we caught our breathe, we were both thankful for catching the bus. We knew that we would probably have to wait another 20 minutes or longer for the next one. It was totally worth it.

Today, as I walked towards the bus stop by myself, I saw from the corner of my eye, red bus #145 passing by. Oh no, I thought. Here we go again. In in flip flops, I started sprinting with my bag in one arm and a shopping bag in the other. I didn’t care if people were staring at me, I was on a mission. As I saw the back doors of the bus close, I kept running. The last person on line had gotten on the bus, but the doors in the front were still open. A man in front of me was walking slowly next to the bus. I politely said excuse me  and as he slowly moved over not realizing I was trying to catch this bus, I took a few more steps to get on the bus. I had made it. The bus driver closed the door and I couldn’t believe the same thing happened to me again this week. 

8 thoughts on “A New Sunday Ritual

  1. Tara says:

    What’s with this bus driver? Surely he can see that you are running like mad to catch the bus. What an exhausting way to begin the day, though – good for you that you are ready for this!

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