My To Do List


Slice of Life Challenge Day #3

As I was walking along Clarke Quay today, I heard screaming voices. I looked over to the other side of the river and saw people on the slingshot. I was reminded that  I needed to go on it sometime soon! I was also reminded of all the other things on my do list while I’m here in Singapore. We’ll see how long it takes me to get all of them done.

Things to do in Singapore:

1.  Walk the tree tops at Mac Ritchie Reservoir and hopefully see some monkeys!

2. Go to the Singapore Zoo and see the pandas and maybe have breakfast with the orangutans.

3. Try to chocolate dessert buffet at the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Read about it here:

4. Go to Universal Studios and ride all the roller coasters .

5. Visit apparently the world’s largest aquarium located in Sentosa!

6. Run in a race! (Which I’ll get to do in April.)

7.  Attend the F1 race!

8. Find a really good Korean restaurant.

9. Go bike riding at Palau Ubin (a small island part of Singapore)

10. Ride on the sling shot at Clarke Quay, preferably before dinner. See the pictures below.

photo (72)photo (71)

9 thoughts on “My To Do List

  1. writekimwrite says:

    I hope you get to do everything on your to-do list Jee Young. I would have to pass on the slingshot. I can hear the screams ( hopefully of delight and not terror) through your pictures.

  2. elsie says:

    That chocolate buffet looks amazing! I’m glad I didn’t know about it when I was there, or am I sad I didn’t know about it? How fun to create a bucket list for Singapore! I will enjoy reading about each and every one.

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