I’m not a hugger. My family is not really into hugs. Well maybe just my Mom, but she’s the anomaly. I think that’s one of the reasons why these two pictures of my brothers are my favorite. Another reason is that they are skating at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, one of my favorite places to go during the Christmas season.

I used to spend a lot of time at the skating rink growing up. My mom would drive us and watch from inside. She sometimes even skated with us. My brothers would be in their hockey skates zipping around the rink while I practiced my figure skating in the middle coned-off circle. The best was when we went after church and hung out at the rink with all of our church friends at the Hommocks skating rink or sometimes we would skate at the frozen duck pond in Scarsdale. I love all the memories we had on and off the ice.

I love that Brian is hugging Andrew so tightly in the second picture. One of those rare moments of genuine affection, caught on camera. I love the the innocent child-like joy they are having just playing with each other. That’s pretty much how they were our whole childhood. Always together, whether they were running, laughing, causing a mess, or taking on the world. They’ve been inseparable since the womb, until college where they finally went separate ways, yet spiritually and emotionally they somehow always seemed to follow the same path.


On January 21, 1986 my life completely changed and for that I am so grateful. Happy birthday to the best little brothers a sister could have! 🙂



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