Les Deux Plats @ Itaewon

A real French restaurant in Seoul? Not quite. Les Deux Plats is a new restaurant with French & Italian food on it’s menu. It’s found off the main street in Itaewon. I ended up going there for brunch which was more of an American style brunch menu. However, my friend Melody insists that they have the best steak in Seoul. So I’ll have to go back for steak the next time I’m in Seoul.

It’s a nice big building with 3 floors and plenty of tables. They gave us this appetizer red bean paste soup which tasted good and came with the brunch. We ordered the monte cristo sandwich, eggs benedict, frittata and caprese focaccia sandwich. I enjoyed my frittata and the  monte cristo was good as well! It was definitely a reasonably priced choice for brunch.

Directions can be found here:  http://onlyitaewon.com/component/content/article/63-food/restaurants/fusion/214-les-deux-plats.html

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One thought on “Les Deux Plats @ Itaewon

  1. melody says:

    They do have the best steak (that I have had so far), but I haven’t had Butcher’s cut steak yet… soooooo best steak for a reasonable price!

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