Breathtaking Views from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I finally got the chance to stay in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Yes, that’s the hotel with the boat on the top of the hotel!

My friends and I got upgraded to a suite which was amazing. We had 2 rooms with a big living room in between! We had an amazing view of the gardens by the bay and the ocean. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Ku De Ta, located on the top of the Marina Bay Sands. The food wasn’t as good as the view. The dishes were small and overpriced.

The main reason I wanted to stay at the MBS hotel was for the infinity pool, obviously! The pool opens from 6am to 11pm and the only way to get access is to stay at the hotel. We had a chance to go to the pool at night after dinner and then in the morning, before our check out time. The view at night was pretty amazing. I took a whole bunch of pictures on my iphone and posted them on instagram (I’m obsessed!!!) Anyways, staying the at MBS was totally worth it. I loved the view and the pool. I totally recommend it, if you are willing to splurge a bit! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Breathtaking Views from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

  1. elsie says:

    Those are some amazing views! I think I’d have a hard time in that pool. Heights are not my friend.
    Are you going to be around Dec. 8 or 9? I land in Singapore on the 7th. I am staying at the Royal Plaza on Scotts. Does that mean anything to you? Can you email me?

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