playing tour guide

2 weeks ago, one of my besties from Korea came to visit me here in Singapore! It was good getting to catch up on life, spend quality time and of course enjoying the sights and food of Singapore. Luckily, my friend has visited Singapore numerous times before, so we could skip a lot of the “touristy” stuff and have a more unique experience.

We definitely ate a lot of good food, did some shopping and sightseeing as well. We got to go to gardens by the bay down in the Marina Bay Sands hotel area. I definitely like the flower dome better than the cloud forest. However, it was cool to check out the cloud forest. Here are some photos of our week together. Oh yeah, we also went to BALI as well. Those pictures will be on the next post!



Here’s a sneak peek on Bali photos to come!

4 thoughts on “playing tour guide

  1. jaclynfre says:

    Jee Young, I’ve put Singapore on my list for January. Maybe we can meet up. If you’re ever curious about going to JogJakarta, it would be fun to play tour guide in Indonesia. You’re always welcome! Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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