a place called home

I walked back to my apartment and I passed by the familiar durian stand with the strong pungent smell, the seedy motel with “interesting” late at night guests, and the comforting signs of 7-11 on the corner. After a long thanksgiving weekend in Malaysia, I was glad to be back. Sure it was nice staying at the fancy Shangri-la hotel, but the minute I got to my apartment, I felt relieved to be back home.

Living abroad, it’s easy to get confused about where your “home” truly is. My permanent address is my parent’s home back in New York. Yet, I don’t really have my own room there anymore. A bunch of my winter clothes and books are stored in the basement in boxes.  Every year as I go back to visit, it feels a little less like my home and a bit more foreign.

After 4 years in Korea, it felt like my home. Now that I moved, I miss Korea terribly at times.  After 4 months of being here in Singapore, this foreign place is slowly starting to feel a bit like home. Even though they say home is where the heart is, what do you do when pieces of your heart are scattered all over?

Where is home for you? 

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Breathtaking Views from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I finally got the chance to stay in the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Yes, that’s the hotel with the boat on the top of the hotel!

My friends and I got upgraded to a suite which was amazing. We had 2 rooms with a big living room in between! We had an amazing view of the gardens by the bay and the ocean. We enjoyed a nice dinner at Ku De Ta, located on the top of the Marina Bay Sands. The food wasn’t as good as the view. The dishes were small and overpriced.

The main reason I wanted to stay at the MBS hotel was for the infinity pool, obviously! The pool opens from 6am to 11pm and the only way to get access is to stay at the hotel. We had a chance to go to the pool at night after dinner and then in the morning, before our check out time. The view at night was pretty amazing. I took a whole bunch of pictures on my iphone and posted them on instagram (I’m obsessed!!!) Anyways, staying the at MBS was totally worth it. I loved the view and the pool. I totally recommend it, if you are willing to splurge a bit! 🙂


a time to rest: bali

During my fall break, I got to travel to Bali with two of my good friends. Bali was one of the places I’ve always wanted to go to. Now, that I’m in Singapore it’s a pretty cheap and only 2 hour flight away! I loved every minute of it, from the amazing villa we stayed at to the cute town and beach. We only stayed in Seminyak because we were only there for 3 days. I am definitely coming back though, to travel to the other parts of Bali!

We stayed at le jardin, a beautiful villa in Seminyak. It was a 10 minute walk to the beach and the service there was amazing. I loved getting breakfast served to our villa in the morning, afternoon tea, welcome massages, our private pool, having two floors and much more! Seminyak has some good restaurants that are by the beach. We got to eat at Ku De Ta and Potato Head. I highly recommend both places! The food and ambience is great. You are on the beach and definitely go to see the sunset. I took more photos on my iphone at these places. I will have to post those later as well.

Here’s my list of places I want to travel to next!

  • Bali
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Going in a few weeks!)
  • Bintan
  • Vietnam
  • Italy (I know it’s not really close to Singapore, but I’m dying to go!)
  • Penang, Malaysia
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand


playing tour guide

2 weeks ago, one of my besties from Korea came to visit me here in Singapore! It was good getting to catch up on life, spend quality time and of course enjoying the sights and food of Singapore. Luckily, my friend has visited Singapore numerous times before, so we could skip a lot of the “touristy” stuff and have a more unique experience.

We definitely ate a lot of good food, did some shopping and sightseeing as well. We got to go to gardens by the bay down in the Marina Bay Sands hotel area. I definitely like the flower dome better than the cloud forest. However, it was cool to check out the cloud forest. Here are some photos of our week together. Oh yeah, we also went to BALI as well. Those pictures will be on the next post!



Here’s a sneak peek on Bali photos to come!