fall is here

Ok, maybe fall isn’t really “here” in Singapore since it’s still 90degrees F and the trees are not changing colors, but I can pretend right? So here is my attempt to make it feel more like fall.  Here are some photos from my iphone!

I found this super easy recipe for pumpkin brownies here at cookies & cups. She has a lot of other great and easy dessert recipes!

All you really need for this pumpkin brownie recipe are brownie mix and pumpkin puree. I love that they sell these things at the supermarket her in Singapore! You just mix  the pumpkin with the brownie mix and voila, you get pumpkin brownies. You can kind of taste the pumpkin. It was a fun and interesting baking experiment.

4 thoughts on “fall is here

  1. Jackie says:

    Jee Young, Being in Indonesia I’m also experiencing the strangeness of October in a summer climate. I’ve been making apple crisp and carrot / apple cake like crazy. I’m also heading to Seoul tomorrow for the October break. Hopefully there will be some autumn colors. (c; Enjoy!! It’s fun comparing notes.

  2. melody says:

    that sounds absolutely delicious! do you miss fall? I was so excited to put on some layers… I know I want be as excited when it turns bitter cold but… you know. I LOVE FALL!

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