fall is here

Ok, maybe fall isn’t really “here” in Singapore since it’s still 90degrees F and the trees are not changing colors, but I can pretend right? So here is my attempt to make it feel more like fall.  Here are some photos from my iphone!

I found this super easy recipe for pumpkin brownies here at cookies & cups. She has a lot of other great and easy dessert recipes!

All you really need for this pumpkin brownie recipe are brownie mix and pumpkin puree. I love that they sell these things at the supermarket her in Singapore! You just mix  the pumpkin with the brownie mix and voila, you get pumpkin brownies. You can kind of taste the pumpkin. It was a fun and interesting baking experiment.

Keep Calm and Write a Blog!

Some people are always like, how do you write so many blogs? I have 3 as of now,  including this personal one, a teaching one with my  friend (http://twoapplesaday.org) and a school one (http://mskimgrade5.blogspot.sg.) I admit that at times it can be a lot, but at the same time, blogging is a source of comfort for me. I find it fun and it provides an outlet for me. I love being able to write and share my photos with the world.

So if you are hesitant about starting a blog, why not get started on it today?! The world is waiting to hear your voice. Check out some tips that Melody and I wrote for a presentation here: http://twoapplesaday.org/blogging-for-beginners/ I’ve posted some quotes that I found on pinterest that have been inspiring me! 🙂

Source: flickr.com via jy on Pinterest

Searching for the Best Pizza in Singapore

As a New Yorker, I hold good pizza close to my heart. Good pizza is something that I’ve been looking for these past few months here in Singapore. I’ve tried a few different reputable Italian restaurants. I went to La Forketta in Dempsey Hill and Pizzeria Mozza in the Marina Bay Sands Mall. Pizzeria Mozza is a “celebrity” restaurant, since it is opened by Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali, and Joe Bastianich. I was particularly excited to check out Mozza, since I can depend on Mario Batali for good pizza, like in his restaurant Otto in NYC.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the pizza at La Forketta that I ordered. It was prosciutto with rucola and cost $35! The other dishes that my friends ordered seemed to be delicious as well. The restaurant also had a nice ambience with high ceiling and nice decor. The only downside beside the expensive prices was the slow service.


Pizzeria Mozza had a completely different vibe inside than La Forketta. This was the “cheaper” side of the restaurant with wooden tables, noisier crowd and slightly cheaper prices for the same food served at Osteria Mozza. On the menu, they had a wide range of pizzas. I had trouble deciding on one, and ended up going with the pizza my waiter recommended, the Burrata, slow roasted tomato & Sicilian oregano pizza.  This pizza was delicious and I would definitely order it again.

For dessert, I got the olive oil and peanut butter gelato! Both flavors were delicious and fresh. The service overall was pretty good. They even gave my friend an extra dish for service, because her dish came out a bit late. I will definitely be going back for more pizza soon!