Flower Dome @ Gardens by the Bay

I decided to tag along with my friend who was going to check out the flower dome this weekend. Despite the F1 races going on next door, it wasn’t crowded at all inside the flower dome. This is one of two domes at gardens by the bay. The other dome is the cloud forest, which is now on my to do list! The flower dome was well worth the $12 entrance fee! This has just opened a few months ago here in Singapore, and it was fun to go there with my camera.

I wasn’t sure what to expect inside. I was pleasantly surprised by the amazing variety of flowers and plants from all over the world. I got a good number of pictures, before my camera battery died. I didn’t realize until I got there that I only had one battery bar left. There was a really interesting section with all kinds of cool cactus and trees that I had to take on my iphone. Here’s a helpful tip, the AC was pretty strong inside, so make sure to bring a cardigan with you!


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