night + safari + singapore

One of the things to do here in Singapore is go on the night safari. Did I mention that I’m kind of scared of the dark and wild animals? So going on a night safari was a little bit scary. The tram got awfully close to all these wild animals.  Good thing none of the animals attacked us, considering we had some people on the tram making all these obnoxious noises at the animals!! When Kristen and I were walking along the trail, we were PRETTY close to all these animals in the dark! Plus, on some parts, there weren’t any other people on the trail.

Luckily, I got over my fear quickly and managed to get a few shots. However, I’m still not that good at taking photos at night with my new camera,plus we are not allowed to use FLASH for obvious reasons. Therefore, I ended up taking a lot of videos of the animals, which I’ll save for my awesome life in Singapore video I’m working on…


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