Thankful Thursdays

My first ever thankful Thursday on my blog! After a day like today, where I feel completely exhausted, I think I need to do this. Here are some things I’m feeling thankful for:

  • Food from our amazing cafeteria at all of our grade level and PLC meetings. Today we had an assortment of tea, summer rolls , fruits and baked sugar cookies.  My school is pretty amazing. They know how to feed us.
  • Access to macbook pro carts. I have a set of 11 in my classroom plus I can borrow another teacher’s cart to get a whole class set.
  • My amazing cleaner who comes on Thursday afternoons when I am at work. She not only cleans and does my laundry, but she ORGANIZES my kitchen. Since I just moved into my apartment, things are a mess. When I get home I love seeing things organized into different cabinets.
  • Having 22 students with unique personalities and backgrounds that make my days full of laughter and joy! Our team is named team wonder and we have a wonder bacon cheer. I’m still not sure what the obsession behind bacon is for some of my boys.
  • E-mail updates from friends back home! 🙂

            What are you thankful for today?

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursdays

  1. elsie says:

    Thankful Thursday is a great idea, I may have to begin this too. Did you create your emblem for it? It is very cool! I am thankful that I only have to walk up the street a block or so to a Mexican restaurant for dinner tonight. There will be a frozen Margarita waiting with my name on it.
    You have a wonderful way of looking at amazing parts of your life. I am thankful you share your thoughts.

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