Being the Best

“We are trying to be the best school in the world.” That is what our new superintendent says casually during conversations. Yes, that’s a lot of pressure, especially if you are a new teacher! πŸ™‚

It has been really busy these past few weeks, getting ready for the start of school. As a newbie, there is so much to learn and things to get ready in the classroom. So many nights, I just get on top of my bed and fall asleep with the lights on. It has been exhausting and exciting all at the same time. We had an open house on Saturday where ALL the parents and students come to meet their new teacher. Our school is huge, so that means about 10,000 people on our campus at once! Luckily, I’m in my classroom all morning, so I don’t get to see all the people walking around.

I managed to get my classroom all ready for the open house. I actually bought and assembled both the rocking chair(IKEA) and easel (Takashimaya) all by myself! Life would be so much easier if I had a car here. It’s too bad that cars are ridiculously expensive in Singapore because the permit to buy a car starts around $60,000. That doesn’t include the cost of the car!

Anyways, don’t be alarmed by the Canadian flag on the door. I have a really funny Canadian neighbor, and it cools that our doors connect. Β It would be kind of funny if I put a US or Korean flag on it one day as a prank…. Well, I felt that I should blog and remember this moment before I start school tomorrow morning. This is the moment, where you are full of hope and anticipation. Have a good first day everyone!

5 thoughts on “Being the Best

  1. elsie says:

    I know you will have a great day! Your classroom looks great! Your superintendent knows that he has hired the staff that can get the job done. WOW! to that permit fee. Do salaries allow one to ever own a car? I don’t think I could go grocery shopping if I had to carry all my bags and use mass transit. Can’t wait to learn more of life in Singapore.

  2. Linda Baie (@LBaie) says:

    Hi Jee Young, it’s great to hear about your beginning time at the new school. It must be really huge. Is it youngest to the oldest through high school? Your classroom looks just beautiful, so colorful & filled with much that is inviting. I know from what you’ve told before that the students will love you because you do such thoughtful things. I wish you a lovely start to the year. Our students don’t arrive for another week and a half, but we staff begin this coming Tuesday. I have stuff spread all over my living area, trying organize & organize. Since I haven’t yet met with everyone, I don’t think I can do it all now, just in general.

  3. jaclynfre says:

    Your classroom looks amazing!! As I adjust to life in Indonesia, being without a car is my biggest reminder of how American I am. Thanks for sharing the first day jitters with us. Our first day was last week and I had just been assigned the room the Friday before school started and taught all week without any supplies (no stapler, pencils, tape, etc.) and the students’ laptops are not coming in for another 2 weeks . . . one of the classes I teach is middle school technology . . . lots of problem solving. ;-D Best of everything. You’re amazing!!

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