Pursuing Passions

So after much thought and some words of encouragement from Melody,  I finally purchased a DSLR camera. I was deciding between a Nikon d3200 and d5100, and after reading a few different reviews, chose the Nikon d5100. I am soo excited, but I’m definitely realizing that photography is an expensive hobby! Photography is something I always admired, but I was hesitant to pursue it seriously. One of my projects this summer will definitely be to learn how to use the camera, take lots of photos and edit photos. So far, I only have one lens, a Nikon 35mm, f/1.8. I will be getting another one with a zoom lens as well soon!

I ventured out into Manhattan to my alma mater for my first photo session with my camera. I also finally downloaded Adobe Lightroom. Here are some photos playing with different presets. I was considering buying some presets from etsy.com, but then I found a bunch of free presets online here: presets heaven. Well expect a lot more posts with photos this summer!

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