Pursuing Passions

So after much thought and some words of encouragement from Melody,  I finally purchased a DSLR camera. I was deciding between a Nikon d3200 and d5100, and after reading a few different reviews, chose the Nikon d5100. I am soo excited, but I’m definitely realizing that photography is an expensive hobby! Photography is something I always admired, but I was hesitant to pursue it seriously. One of my projects this summer will definitely be to learn how to use the camera, take lots of photos and edit photos. So far, I only have one lens, a Nikon 35mm, f/1.8. I will be getting another one with a zoom lens as well soon!

I ventured out into Manhattan to my alma mater for my first photo session with my camera. I also finally downloaded Adobe Lightroom. Here are some photos playing with different presets. I was considering buying some presets from etsy.com, but then I found a bunch of free presets online here: presets heaven. Well expect a lot more posts with photos this summer!

An Unfortunate Summer Tradition

Every summer, I get to travel back home to see my family and friends. This is always the highlight of the year, getting see everyone after a year away! However, it is a tiring experience as I am flying more than 13 hours and my night and day gets shifted. Plus, it’s an exhausting time of the year and can get really busy being home. Well this summer was no exception.

After 4 days of being home in NY, I got on a plane again to see my brother in Memphis. I knew this would be the only time I could really get to talk and catch up with him in person over the summer. So, I gathered my things and boarded the plane. After arriving in Memphis on Monday night, I was getting used to the really hot Memphis temperature.

The next morning, we headed to a well known brunch place called Brother Juniper’s. We got a table quickly and ordered an open face omelet and Belgian waffle. We were excited to eat. I took one small bite of my waffle. Then, I knew I couldn’t eat anymore. I started feeling nauseous and all of a sudden started sweating. I rested my hand on my head and continued to feel faint. I whispered to my brother that I needed to leave now. He quickly got a takeout container for the food we barely touched and we left the restaurant.

He went to get the car and I sat down with my head on my lap, waiting for him to come. As I dealt with the unbearable pain in my stomach I was glad when he brought the car up to the restaurant. I lay down on the back seat as he drove home quickly. I couldn’t believe this was happening again. At least this time I didn’t faint in the beauty salon or get put on an ambulance car in the middle of my reading workshop summer institute like the previous years.

As I lay in my brother’s bed with horrible stomach cramps and the fan blowing in my face, my brother took out his stethoscope to take my heart beat.

“Your heart beat is normal. That’s good.” He told me. Then he proceeded to tell me if it wasn’t normal, it could be some kind of heart problem. Luckily, my brother, who just graduated from medical school and his two other intern roommates were there. No need for a hospital this time! After a few hours, I felt the Advil kicking in and was able to explore and eat my way through Memphis.

The waffle I only got one bite of!

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Snapshots of a Southern Summer

First stop of my summer vacation is Memphis, Tennessee! I had a chance to visit my brother who just moved out there for his residency. It was my first time there, so I made sure to get in all the good eats and enjoy the southern scenery. I tried Central BBQ, Brother Juniper’s, Blue Fin and Bryant’s. I enjoyed their sweet tea, bisquits & pulled pork sandwiches! More to come on memorable Memphis adventures for my slice of life entry.

Capturing Memories

I finally finished the scrapbook on my bucketlist for my girl who I tutor at the children’s home. I gave it to her during our last meeting. I went out with Melody and her student as well.  We took our kids out to Myeongdong, where we got drinks from Cafe Bene then watched Men in Black 3. In the scrapbook, I put photos from the past 3 years together with her. I also included a letter in my broken Korean and in English. She gave me a handmade card as well! I absolutely love it. 🙂