Life is Just a Cup of Cake

As a New Yorker, I’ve been spoiled with amazing cupcakes. There’s Magnolia’s bakery, Buttercup, Amy’s Bread, Crumb’s and much more. Coming to Seoul, I’ve been disappointed at their attempt at cupcakes. I had been hearing of this place called Life is Just a Cup of Cake in Itaewon. It is known to have pretty good cupcakes. I found this small and quaint cupcake cafe with my friends last week. We ordered the red velvet (of course), green tea, and earl grey cupcakes. Out of the three cupcakes we ordered, the red velvet was the best. I also did like the distinct taste of the earl grey cupcakes.

The cupcakes didn’t stand out compared to the other places I’ve tried here in Seoul. Like most other bakeries, the cupcake was very light and airy. I wish the cake part could have been more moist. The icing was also very light and airy. I prefer the thick and dense icing you get on Magnolia’s and Buttercup cupcakes!  So the search for a good cupcake place in Seoul continues. Does anyone else have any good recommendations? 🙂


Get off Itaewon station, exit 2.

Walk straight a few minutes and make a left on the street before the Wooribank

You’ll see it immediately on the right side.

More specific directions can be found on their blog:

2 thoughts on “Life is Just a Cup of Cake

  1. onesunflower says:

    I’m not a huge cupcake fan but your descriptions of what you look for in a cupcake match mine. Good luck with your search. I think the name of the shop rates an 8.

  2. LInda Baie (@LBaie) says:

    I love the search, & like the name of this place-very fun. In Denver, there are a number of great places now since the cupcake rage started in the past years. I just used a good place for a baby shower last week, & of the flavors I chose, their red velvet was the best too! Good luck with your quest!

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