Celebrating a Birthday Vatos Style

It’s always a treat when I get to go to Vatos in Itaewon. I remember the first time I went on a cold December evening, where my friend Joebo, who was visiting, introduced me to the place. He was friends with one of the owners which is no surprise since most Korean-Americans are connected to each other in one way or another. That was when I first tried their kimchi carnitas fries. This is probably the best thing on their menu. Make sure to get the nutella nachos for dessert!

Last Friday, we went there to celebrate our favorite French-Canadian friend Joelle’s birthday. It was a night full of loud laughter, good food and drinks. I’m glad that we could get a reservation for a Friday night! Their kimchi carnitas fries never disappoint! Their tacos are delicious and filling, plus the complementary salsa and chips are an extra bonus. They leave you wanting more. After a lot of eating and celebrating, we left pretty full and satisfied. Make sure to make reservations before if you are going during dinner and on the weekend!

For directions, go to the website: http://vatoskorea.com/

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