k-pop playlist

Every year for our 5th grade moving up ceremony I create a short movie with photos and clips of the students from through out the year. It’s always fun to see how they’ve grown and look back at the year. I try to include songs that I know the kids would like or are familiar with. So I was looking for some K-pop songs, which I usually look for on I-Tunes. However, I couldn’t find some of the songs that I wanted.  After some research, I discovered you can buy them through Naver music site. I ended up creating a Naver account so I could buy the songs. The songs are soo cheap on Naver! Only 650 KRW (about 50cents). They even have American songs. Here I was paying over 1 dollar on I-Tunes for songs.  I should buy as many songs as I can through Naver before I leave. I’m not a huge fan of K-pop, but I guess when you live here long enough, you find yourself getting used to it!

my new playlist
BigBang- Blue & Fantastic Baby
Park Jimin (K-Pop Star winner)- Somewhere Over the Rainbow & You Raise Me Up
John Park (Superstar K contestant)- Falling                                                          Jason Mraz- I Won’t Give Up (Not K-pop, just a good song!)

I’m liking John Park’s music video and song. Enjoy!

Do you have any good k-pop song recommendations?

3 thoughts on “k-pop playlist

  1. Justin Kim says:

    Any kpop song you want let me know..I download a top 100 list every month or so…on kiwidisk.com which is a korean site, but its illegal in korea…

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