pie shop: tartine too…

Tartine too… @ Itaewon

I’ve continued to “borrow” my brother’s nice camera, and I’ve been having fun taking photos around Seoul. Dessert with the girls at Tartine means pie ala mode and good conversation. I’m going to miss these ladies so much! 😦 The blueberry pie and pecan pie were pretty good. It costs about 7,500KRW  for the pie.  They have other flavors including, cherry, rhubarb, butter tart, wild berry and chocolate cream pie. Of course you have to order it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! I’m glad that they opened a second location. The orignal one that is across the street is way smaller. This second location not only serves brunch but is  bigger with plenty of space during the week.

Directions: Itaewon station, exit 1 and walk past the first block. Make the second right onto the alley way. You’ll see the Tartine sign ahead!

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