Finding Joy in the Small Things

Slice of Life Challenge Entry #31

It’s in appreciating those small moments that I find joy peeking out. I can’t help, but reflect on joy (my one little word for 2012) as I come up with my final post for the slice of life challenge. This past week in Paris, it all seems like it was a dream. Was I really in Paris? As I remember Paris, all the glamour and glitz, I am reminded of the small things that brought me joy there.

1 out of 6 people in Paris have dogs. I saw people walking their dogs all over the city. I loved seeing dogs with their heads poking out of bags on the subways. I saw dogs not on leashes roaming the parks. Of course, with a lot of dogs, you know what that means. You need to watch out for the dog poo on the streets, but that wasn’t too difficult.

All the subway stations had different feels and designs inside. There was definitely a distinct feel in some stations. I loved being able to find pockets of art, design and inspiration in subway stations.

I loved seeing people carry long baguettes in their bags or in their hand in the morning. I loved being able to go to the boulangerie (bakery) next to our hotel in the morning to get fresh baguettes, pain au chocolat or whatever our hearts desired.

One of the best things to do is walk the streets of Paris at night. There is so much energy and people out. There is so much beauty all around. Restaurants and cafes are full even at 10pm. I wondered what time they go to work in the morning.

As a teacher, I loved strolling around book stores and reading books. Every time I came across a book store, I felt like I found a hidden gem.

11 thoughts on “Finding Joy in the Small Things

  1. elsie says:

    I am so lucky I got to go to Paris and it didn’t cost me a dime. When you return home it’s hard to believe you were in another world for a time. Your photos are great!

  2. Linda Baie says:

    And you took us along with you which was both special and gracious in your sharing. I’m so happy you had a good time. I love all your pics, but especially those of the subways-some are just beautiful! Thanks for visiting my post often Jee. I didn’t get to you always, but love when I do. I also enjoy hearing your talk about teaching & look forward to your new adventures!

  3. Stacey says:

    I am showing serious restraint by not posting each of your photos to my Francophile Board on Pinterest right now.

    Lovely photos… lovely reflections… lovely memories.

    Oh, and thanks a lot for making me crave a pain au chocolat at 11:15 p.m. when I cannot go out and get one. Grrr. (I can imagine I’m eating it, right!)

    Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you this week!

  4. Ramona says:

    I have loved reading your posts from Paris. I couldn’t resist sending a link to my family to remind them that I simply must go back to Paris someday.

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