Brush With Celebrity

Slice of Life Challenge #27

Brush With Celebrity

Students on field trips, couples young and old and little kids all gather.

People lift their cameras above their heads towards her.

Everyone wants a glimpse of her.

Go, go, go

Her beauty, her mystery, and her popularity,

bring us closer to her.

Weaving through the crowds and inching towards the center

Go, go, go

We see her staring right back.

Does she like all the attention?

It’s not easy being a celebrity.

Go, go, go

She looks even more stunning in person.

Fighting against the crowds, we find a way out

Our captured photos provide enough proof for us.

12 thoughts on “Brush With Celebrity

  1. Tara says:

    What an inventive way to present HER! But, I must confess, ever since they put the plexiglass thing over her, and the long lines formed, and the sign posts were set indicating where SHE was, and the crowds swirling around, I find that she no longer casts a spell on me. But what an experience for you…and it looks like a perfect day!

  2. Tam says:

    I was at first looking for a celebrity in the crowd–Meryl Streep??? Then there she was–Miss Lisa. Great way to present someone so loved throughout the ages. I love being in France this week!!!

  3. gillis says:

    Great post – love the voice and point of view here. Fun! Makes me think about the funny brushes I’ve had with celebrities and wanna bes, may have to steal the foundation of your idea!

  4. elsie says:

    Great poem! She just smiled that little smile and let you stare. How polite of her. Thanks for bringing Paris to my lap this week. I’m loving the glimpses!

  5. Michelle @litlearningzone says:

    Oh! This was good! You had me wondering and guessing and peering intently into your photos! And then, ah ha! The beautiful Mona staring right back! Great slice!

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