Paris in the Spring

Slice of Life Challenge Entry #13

After many years of dreaming about it, my dream is finally becoming a reality.  In 11 days, I will be on plane flying directly to Paris for spring break! Oui, c’est vrai!  Here are some of the things I’m hoping to do.

  • Sip on cafe au lait at les deux magots while writing in my writer’s notebook and hope for some of the same inspiration that Hemingway and Camus received!
  • Eat freshly baked baguettes and croissants from the bakery on the corner for breakfast.
  • Gaze upon the city of Paris at night from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • Take a ton of photos of the Eiffel tower in the background.
  • Have a picnic in the garden overlooking Versailles
  • Admire the waterlilies that Monet painted in Giverny (i hope it’s the right season).
  • Eat macarons from laduree and savor every small bite.
  • Walk past the L’Arc De Triomphe while humming the song Aux Champs Elysees that my middle school French teacher taught us.
  • Try to recover and use some of the French that I learned all through out middle school and high school…
  • Walk into Chanel and Louis Vuitton all dressed up and act like I can afford to buy the things inside.
  • Admire the Sacre Coeur from the outside and inside.
…and so much more! Any good recommendations? 

Here are my pictures from my “je t’aime paris” pinterest site!

18 thoughts on “Paris in the Spring

  1. Jane says:

    where is smoke cigarettes like you’re a chimney? ehehehehe. don’t worry jeefu, that’ll be our little secret! *wink*

  2. Steph Kwon says:

    Love this post!! You must also do:

    – Louvre at night – A MUST DO!! One of my favourite sights ever
    – Musee d’Orsay
    – Musee de L’Orangerie – another Impressionist museum, great for Monet paintings!
    – Angelina’s – it’s a cafe on rue de rivoli; the inside is so beautiful with lots of mirrors and marble tops and such and their hot chocolate is to die for!
    – Jardin des Tuileries – sometimes they have like amusement park rides open here!
    – Cafe de Flore – in Saint Germain, BEST for people watching
    – L’As du Falafel – best falafel place
    – Ile Saint Louis – make sure you hop over across the Seine! They have cute little boutique shops, good for souvenir shopping, also Berthillon icecream which you must try (but make sure you find the REAL one!!), and to look at the Notre Dame
    – Pont des arts – look at the love padlocks!
    – Le Marais – one of my favourite neighbourhoods! It’s really quirky, have amazing shops and cafes.
    – Bastille – if you get off at Bastille stop it’s worth taking a look, and there’s lots of good restaurants and bars
    – Montparnasse – a neighbourhood with famous cafes
    – Place de la concorde – such a magnificent square! Also beautiful at night

    Mmmmm TAKE ME TOO PLEASE!????!!!!?????

    Steph xoxoxo

  3. elsie says:

    Oui, oui, you are a lucky girl! It also sounds like a very busy girl on this trip. Savor and enjoy all aspects. My favorite activity is daily visits to the patisseries for a decadent treat. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  4. melody says:

    Umm… AMAZING. I want to do everything you listed, and everything Steph mentioned… going to start praying that I win a trip to Paris. ASAP! My church encourages me to dream big, so this is TOTALLY possible!

  5. Jennifer K. says:

    OK, so I’m totally stoked about going to Korea on Spring Break, but I’m seriously jealous of you right now!!! 🙂

    I need to visit your list of Korea to do’s and make my own list for SB! Thanks for the inspiration and have a blast on your trip!

  6. Sharon says:

    That’s awesome! Are we connected on Pinterest already? I admit I haven’t been using it much since I signed up but I think your Paris board is fab!

  7. girlgriot says:

    So happy for you, off to Paris! I love your list (especially your Chanel and Vuitton plan, that cracked me up)! It’s many too many years since I was in Paris, but surely these things are still do-able:
    – the flea market (marche aux puces) at Clingancourt … fun to see and lots to consider buying!
    – have chocolate crepe
    – take a ride on a bateau mouche … it’s cheesy and touristy, but a really fun ride all the same
    – stroll along the Seine and poke around for used books in the bouquiniste stalls
    – visit Pere Lachaise cemetery (not just because Jim Morrison’s there)
    – just be and see and breathe … enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  8. summer camps san francisco says:

    I am planning to take my wife and 3 kids to Paris at the end of next march. Where should we stay? Should we do the musee d’orsey? What else in Paris? If you could do a 1 or 2 day side trip, would it be to Normandy, Tours or Clermont-Ferrand? I need a website for rail service in france and car rental. Any info is helpful. Kids are 12,11,8.

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