Confession from a Reader

Slice of Life Challenge Entry #11: Confession from a Reader

I know it has only been 10 days since I’ve met many of you fellow slice of life writers, but I have a confession to make. As I’m typing, I can’t believe I’m sharing this with all of you. I’m not even sure if this appropriate to share with you all, but today, I brought with me a book that I’m reading, Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis, to the toilet. After I was done with all of my business, I was so captured by the book that I kept reading. I was almost at the end, so I sat there, reading until I finished it. (It was such a good book! Some of my students are reading it for a book club.) I confess that when I bring a good book with me, I sit there until I finish it or read a whole big chunk. After I realize I’ve been in the bathroom way too long, I finally get out.

10 thoughts on “Confession from a Reader

  1. Val says:

    i love this book and I read it to my students when I taught third grade. I met the author several years ago and a teaching conference. He’s a native of my home state, Michigan. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Katy says:

    When reading in the zone, we just can’t stop, I get that! You made me laugh! Thanks for that slice! Don’t you think & sometimes wish we could find those books for our student’s? Really get them into the zone! I think that is at the heart of workshop, sometimes that is hard for some kids…this post got me thinking…

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