New Year, New Blog!

One of my projects for 2012 is to start a teaching blog with my friend Melody (check out her awesome blog: spit on the street). Part of my inspiration was seeing the successful collaboration of Stacey & Ruth  (two writing teachers). One of the most important lessons I’ve learned as an educator is that collaboration is crucial in improving and learning more. I thought that it would be great to collaborate with Melody, not only a fellow teacher, but friend.

So, this year, we successfully bought our own domain name!! 🙂 Yes, we are just that cool. And voila, now we are co-creators of two apples a day. It is so exciting to be part of this new teaching project together.

At first, we struggled with what the focus of our blog should be. We are both elementary school teachers, teaching at the same international school. So we brainstormed a few different potential topics that we could focus on from English language learners, creativity in the classroom, reading & writing workshop, but in the end we didn’t feel led to just focus in on one particular topic.

Therefore, we decided we would just start blogging about our lives as international school teachers and see what we post. As of now, we plan on posting about the various things that international school teachers face, from life in the classroom, professional development, living abroad, and all the other exciting adventures and challenges.

Also, we hope to have guest bloggers once a week share about their experiences as an international school teacher. We are definitely looking for guest bloggers! Please leave a comment and your e-mail if you are interested. We hope you will help spread our blog with other educators as well.

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