The e-mail, the job fair and the decision

Part 1: The E-mail

December 2, 2012

“Thank you for your interest in the Grade 5 position. The position is now closed.  We wish to express our appreciation for your time and effort in submitting your application for consideration .

Best wishes in your search.”

I couldn’t believe. My heart sunk. This was the one school I really wanted to teach at. The door was completely shut.  I had about a month until the job fair for international schools that was taking place in Bangkok. I decided at this point to let go of Singapore and the school. I thought this was a sign that God wanted me to go somewhere else. Perhaps China? Maybe stay in Korea?

I wasn’t looking forward to the job fair anymore. I didn’t really have any other second choices in terms of countries or schools I really wanted to work in. I would find a great school, but then the country they were in was not as desirable. However, I knew that I had to continue to stay open. I never wanted to come to Korea four years ago.

The week before the job fair, I did two Skype interviews with other schools. As the fair approached, I received another e-mail from a school saying that they wanted to interview me at the job fair. Finally, I was starting to feel a little wanted after months of hearing nothing.

I saw that on the school website that there were actually now two fifth grade openings at my dream school in Singapore! I couldn’t believe it. However, I didn’t hear anything from the school. They had my application, and it seemed pointless to e-mail them. I knew they would contact me if they were interested. Like good dating advice I heard, he’s just NOT that into you, if he doesn’t call you. So, I just sat and waited.

Part 2: The Job Fair

When I arrived in Bangkok on Saturday. I was contacted by one of the administrators I skyped with for an interview on Sunday morning before the fair started. The interview went well. The principal seemed like a great administrator to work with. I was excited about this possibility. They offered me the 6th grade math/science position and even gave me time to think about it. It was Sunday, I had until Tuesday afternoon to let them know.

After putting my resume in the various folders for about 10 different schools, I started getting messages back for interviews. Still nothing from my dream school.

After going out to dinner, I arrived back to our hotel and thought I should check my mail box again. Then, I saw it. A small white envelope. Inside, it was postcard sized note from my dream school in Singapore and a USB. The superintendent wanted an interview me for a fifth grade position!

As I ran up to my hotel room, I had a few messages on my machine. Two messages were from the school in Singapore, asking about an interview! I called him back immediately and scheduled the interview for the next morning at 10am.

The USB had a video clip about the school and a few pdf files of their school magazine. I immediately watched the video and I couldn’t help but fall in love a bit more with the school. I did some more research on the school and tried to get a good night sleep.

I woke up early on Monday and got ready for my interviews. I was in my crisp blue and white pin striped button down with navy blue dress pants and black high heels. I was ready.

After many different interviews, a whole range of questions on my practice, teaching philosophy, interactions with students, parents & administrators and more, I was tired and stressed out. All day, I was trying to read people, getting a sense of the school, looking interested and coming up with quick answers. It was exciting, but exhausting.

The interview with the school in Singapore went well, and the superintendent wanted to schedule a second interview on Tuesday morning. This was going to be 1 hour long, and the first 40minutes he would asked me detailed and specific questions about my teaching. The last part of the interview, I would have a chance to ask questions. My interview was at 8am on Tuesday.

As the evening rolled around, I had a lot on my mind. I had received one offer from a school I wasn’t really that interested in. I had another second interview tomorrow with another really great school.   However, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to move to that country. Plus, I had the second interview with my dream school in Singapore. My options were starting to open up, but time was running out.

Stay tuned for Part 3: The Decision

View from our hotel window

Bangkok @ night!

Enjoying Thai food.

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11 thoughts on “The e-mail, the job fair and the decision

  1. elsie says:

    You’ve left me hanging! I can’t wait to find out what happened. How exotic all this sounds. Going to Bangkok for interviews, possible teaching position in Singapore, selecting a new country to live in. Wow! This is the time of your life.

  2. Stacey says:

    Oh man, I want to know the ending! You left us hanging! What a good writer you are… leaving your readers wanting more!
    Thanks for including photos. I just got my passport renewed yesterday. Maybe Asia should be someplace I should visit sooner rather than later.

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