Read Aloud Guests

This year, I started something new with my students. Every Friday, I have a read aloud guest who comes in and reads to my students. We’ve had different teachers and staff from our school come in to read almost every week (If I haven’t asked you yet, don’t worry your turn will come soon!).  It has been a lot of fun as my students are always curious to know who will come in and what they will read.

I have given my read aloud guests a few options on what to read. I can give specific book recommendations, or they can read a particular story they love to read, or they can choose a story in the genre that we are studying in reading or writing workshop.

So far, we’ve had a variety of stories read from picture books, short stories and even a teacher’s own written narrative. I know for me, I loved getting books read aloud to me from my parents. I know that in America, it is really common for parents to read aloud to their child every night when they are young, but I wonder how often the parents of my students do that here in Korea. I always do emphasize the importance of parent involvement in reading to their children at home during back to school night.

This week my younger brother, who also happens to be a teacher at my school will come in and read! I’m really thankful to everyone that has come in and read to my kids. YOU could be next! 🙂 Some of our past read aloud guests:

I am curious now, how many of you had your parents read aloud to you daily?  To my readers that are parents, how often do you read aloud to your kids?

4 thoughts on “Read Aloud Guests

  1. Sharon says:

    I don’t remember my parents reading to me much, but they did. When I have kids, I definitely want to instill in them a love of books and learning, even in the age of the ipad and e-readers. My nephew Peter loves books!

  2. melody says:

    Oh my gosh Jee Young, this is SUCH A GREAT IDEA! I want to steal it, in fact I might steal 🙂 In fact… I WILL steal it! My parents definitely read to me when I was younger. We also had books that would get read around the same time every year, (like The Tale of Three Trees around Christmas) I love traditions ^^.

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