Write Down Your Idea!

As we strolled into Art Box, we immediately were drawn to the myriad of pretty notebooks that lined the shelves and tables.  I knew the minute we stepped in, it would be hard to leave empty handed, as we were two teachers in a stationary store full of notebooks, fancy pens and more. Trying to stay focused on our task of buying a birthday present for our friend, we started to look at the notebooks. After finding one suitable for our friend, we got side tracked. We were immediately drawn to this notebook at first. Loved it.


Then, we found these. They were perfect. Idea notebooks. Melody liked the black one and I chose the white one.  The writing teacher in us made it hard to resist a splurge on a new notebook! We justified the purchase by deciding that could start writing down all our wonderful teaching ideas and reflections. We could brainstorm ideas for our future teaching blog that we plan on making together. We could write down the funny thing our student said. We could stop and reflect on the exhausting, time consuming, and rewarding life of the teacher.



For more slice of life entries go to two writing teachers!

7 thoughts on “Write Down Your Idea!

  1. Stacey says:

    LOVE the notebooks you purchased!
    It’s never good to allow me into a stationery store with a credit card. I should be given a finite amount of cash and a time limit when I enter otherwise it never turns out well for me (monetarily).

  2. Linda Baie says:

    One of my favorite memories is being taken by a friend to her favorite office supply on Harvard Square. We had a ball, which sounds like your time, too. New notebooks are such a pleasure.

  3. JenniferM says:

    very cute post! I love the inspiring covers of the notebooks and the idea of writing down your ideas. I just wish there was a “pause” button on life so I could write down everything I want to write down!

  4. elsie says:

    Shopping is always a fun time but getting new notebooks, even better. Sounds like a great blog you have planned, make sure you link it up so I can check it out.

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