Global Read Aloud Project Kickoff

One of my goals for this new school year is to be part of projects that collaborate with other schools. So, I decided to join the global read aloud project. I volunteered to help plan and also blog about this project. Take a look at my first post on the website: Why Did I Join?

The book we will be reading for the upper elementary/middle school grades is Tuck Everlasting. The younger elementary grades (K-2nd grade) will be reading Flat Stanley series books.

If you are a teacher and are interested, I encourage you to sign up as well! Over a hundred teachers have signed up already! Just go to the website and you can easily sign up. ūüôā

My Copy of the Book!

3 Words to Describe ISTE 11 (as a newbie)

3 Words to Describe ISTE 11 (as a newbie)

1. Overwhelmed– This was my first time at the ISTE ¬†(International Society for Technology in Education)¬†conference. This is a huge conference with about 20,000 educators coming from all over the world. It was held at the Philadelphia Convention Center which spreads across many blocks of Philly. ¬†Everything about it was a bit overwhelming from the hundreds of different workshops, seminars, keynotes , courses being offered to the incredibly huge exhibition center. I tried to make the first keynote from John Medina on Sunday evening, but arrived a bit late, and there was no more seating left. I was standing trying to get a view of the small screen in the blogger’s cafe. I ended up listening to the keynote again a few days later by watching a recording on youtube¬†(starts around the 30minute mark). I’m going to by his book Brain Rules.

2. Inspired– I love listening to keynotes at huge conferences for educators, because I am always so incredibly refreshed,¬†rejuvenated, and inspired to become a better teacher. It’s a good thing I carry my tissues around with me during these conferences. I was incredibly inspired by the keynote on Tuesday morning, with Stephen Covey, Muriel Summer and her two fifth grade students. I was completely blown away by the speeches her fifth grade students gave. They were eloquent, well thought out, and confident in front of thousands of TEACHERS! It is always such a treat to hear from actual students. It makes such a difference. This keynote really inspired me to focus more on nurturing my students to become leaders!

3. ResourcesРI feel like I gained so many new ideas and resources through out this entire conference. I loved learning things from the google workshops on google applications for the classroom. I also gained a lot of great resources on having eportfolios for your students and also ways to use Twitter in the classroom. I also saw a lot of great student and teacher presentations on different projects that people do in their classroom.  I did tweet a lot of the different website and links I got, but I will try to put them together on a post for everyone as well soon!

Post Iste 11 Goals:

Now the learning doesn’t stop here, what’s more important is how I actually plan to implement what I learned to my classroom.

1. Connect with other schools to participate in a global collaboration project. I’ve already signed up to join the Global Read Aloud Project! You can still sign up. I’m also hoping for a collaboration project unit for science and/or social studies ¬†with other 5th grade classes. If you are interested, leave a comment!

2. Use google applications to increase collaboration between my students, parents and staff. I will post more on this soon!

3. Share with my staff and PLN(personal learning network) about what I learned through the conference. My first step is to blog a few different entries about what I learned. This is my first one, and I plan another one on using Google and promoting student leadership.

4. Research and come up with a plan to incorporate electronic portfolios with my students next year.

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