Cloud Bread = 구름빵

구름빵 (Cloud Bread) by Baik Hee Na is a best selling picture book here in Korea. I absolutely love the illustrations as well. The author is also a parent of one of our students and came to our school today to talk about the writing process.

It was really cool that she creates all the illustrations in her books by creating the characters by hand and mixing different mediums. It was fascinating to hear her explain her process of coming up with the illustrations as she takes into consideration light, how the camera will take the photos of the objects, and the different drawing mediums (charcoal, paint, pencil, etc). I’m so blown away by the illustrations in addition to the great storyline! Take a look at some of the pages from her book. They also sell an English version of her book here in Korea. Also, I heard that they turned the book into a TV show and musical here.

Cloud Bread
The kids bring in a piece of a cloud.
The mother makes cloud bread using the cloud pieces.
Guess what happens when they eat the cloud bread!
So cute!

I just found a video of the show as well! So adorable!

3 thoughts on “Cloud Bread = 구름빵

  1. melody says:

    I can’t wait to give the signed copy I have to my niece and nephew!!! I thought her presentation was awesome.

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