My Very Own Fanclub

I sat at my desk after school, trying to get everything on my to do list completed. I was enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty classroom as I tried to stay focused on my work. All of a sudden, I started hearing some noise from outside the classroom.  I immediately knew who it was.The other week, I caught a few of my students spying on me after school through the windows. However, I continued to do my work. The noises continued and I decided to take a break.

As I started walking towards the door, I heard the giggling and shuffling of feet as they scrambled away. I slowly opened the door, but I didn’t stick my head out yet. I waited for a while then stuck my head out and surely I saw my girls peering from down the hallway towards my classroom. They saw me and ran away  laughing.

A few minutes later, they came to my classroom holding these white posters, not showing me what was written on the other side. As I tried to look at what they wrote they kept turning away, saying I couldn’t see it. I had to leave school so they said they would tape the posters on the door. As I left, I didn’t get to see what was on their posters.

The next morning when I came to school, the girls showed me the posters they made. Here they are!

The Senders

Feeling so loved by my students!

So funny how they wrote that I'm Korean!

From My Fan Club!

The next time I have a bad day at school, I’ll look at these posters and remember that it’s all worth it! I am so thankful for my thoughtful and caring students.

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11 thoughts on “My Very Own Fanclub

  1. Linda Baie says:

    What a lovely surprise! You must feel so honored, but also, the students must have been so excited, & you allowed them to carry on! Nice to hear the story.

  2. elsie says:

    Obviously you have made a difference to these students. So nice they shared their thoughts and feelings with you. You must have a wonderful community of learners.

  3. Elizabeth G. says:

    What a wonderful surprise and pick me up. I couldn’t help but smile while I read your post. I heard the whispers and shuffled feet. So much fun!

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