Cloud Bread = 구름빵

구름빵 (Cloud Bread) by Baik Hee Na is a best selling picture book here in Korea. I absolutely love the illustrations as well. The author is also a parent of one of our students and came to our school today to talk about the writing process.

It was really cool that she creates all the illustrations in her books by creating the characters by hand and mixing different mediums. It was fascinating to hear her explain her process of coming up with the illustrations as she takes into consideration light, how the camera will take the photos of the objects, and the different drawing mediums (charcoal, paint, pencil, etc). I’m so blown away by the illustrations in addition to the great storyline! Take a look at some of the pages from her book. They also sell an English version of her book here in Korea. Also, I heard that they turned the book into a TV show and musical here.

Cloud Bread
The kids bring in a piece of a cloud.
The mother makes cloud bread using the cloud pieces.
Guess what happens when they eat the cloud bread!
So cute!

I just found a video of the show as well! So adorable!

Everyday Should be Teacher Appreciation Day!

My head was pounding when I woke up, I knew it wasn’t a good sign. I started getting ready for school and started feeling so nauseous, I was sitting on my cold bathroom floor, hoping that it would go away. I managed to make it to school, but as my kids started coming in, I had trouble keeping my head up. When my students were in chapel, my principal suggested I rest in the nurse’s office. As I laid down on the bed, it felt oddly weird, but comfortable lying down in school on a bed.

Afterwards, the nurse gave me some medicine, not sure what it was, but I ate it anyways and picked up my students. I couldn’t really go home, because we had our literary magazine school wide celebration that afternoon,which I wouldn’t miss no matter how sick I was. As we got back to the classroom from chapel, our room mother was there waiting for us. She brought me the most beautiful flowers and presents for teacher appreciation day! Why don’t they have this holiday in the states? (Or do they?) The actual day is Sunday, so we are celebrating today.

In addition to the flowers and present from the class, my students each made me cards! It actually wasn’t much of a surprise, because fifth graders are not good at being secretive. Yesterday, I overhead a number of students talking to one of my students, about giving him the cards and I saw a few students making cards in class. I didn’t say anything to them, because that would be kind of mean, so I pretended to not notice. I mean it was hard not to notice, they kept asking me if they could use the different construction paper.

Well, thankfully, I started feeling better after a few periods, and our literary magazine celebration went really well! We set up our gymnasium like an art museum and had all the students’ published writing pieces and artwork on display! We also had the author of the Korean book Cloud Bread come in and speak about being a writer.  I plan on writing another post about the book Cloud Bread soon!

Flowers & presents from my students!

The homemade cards! ❤

Our art exhibition with student work.

Poems my students wrote.

Artwork from one of my students!

Cake cutting ceremony for the literary magazine.

The cutest cake ever!

My Very Own Fanclub

I sat at my desk after school, trying to get everything on my to do list completed. I was enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty classroom as I tried to stay focused on my work. All of a sudden, I started hearing some noise from outside the classroom.  I immediately knew who it was.The other week, I caught a few of my students spying on me after school through the windows. However, I continued to do my work. The noises continued and I decided to take a break.

As I started walking towards the door, I heard the giggling and shuffling of feet as they scrambled away. I slowly opened the door, but I didn’t stick my head out yet. I waited for a while then stuck my head out and surely I saw my girls peering from down the hallway towards my classroom. They saw me and ran away  laughing.

A few minutes later, they came to my classroom holding these white posters, not showing me what was written on the other side. As I tried to look at what they wrote they kept turning away, saying I couldn’t see it. I had to leave school so they said they would tape the posters on the door. As I left, I didn’t get to see what was on their posters.

The next morning when I came to school, the girls showed me the posters they made. Here they are!

The Senders

Feeling so loved by my students!

So funny how they wrote that I'm Korean!

From My Fan Club!

The next time I have a bad day at school, I’ll look at these posters and remember that it’s all worth it! I am so thankful for my thoughtful and caring students.

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