Spring is Finally Here!

It was 7pm, as I quickly headed out the school doors. On my right shoulder, my crimson, worn out, Longchamp shoulder bag weighed heavily, full of test papers I probably wouldn’t grade and my left hand held tightly to a plastic bag full of clothes, an old tupperware container I finally was taking home and a pair of shoes.

I suddenly stopped at the bottom of the stairs outside my school. I was amazed. Not by the pink petals from the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. Not by the empty soccer field usually full of squirming kids in uniforms. Not by the chilly, light jacket weather. I was amazed that it was still bright outside.

The sun was slowly starting to set as I could see the sky ever so slightly changing shades in the distance. However, I was able to walk home in the light. Spring is finally here!

Some photos from around our school:

For more slices of life go to two writing teachers!

9 thoughts on “Spring is Finally Here!

  1. Elizabeth G says:

    The end of the day seems easier when you can come home to some sunlight. The sunsets around here have been amazing as well. I just love the cherry blossom trees and how they constantly pull your eye to look at them. Enjoy your semi-lit rides home.

  2. melody says:

    The greatest feeling in the world is leaving school when it is still light outside!!! I went and took more pictures of the cherry blossoms today^^. Love, love, love!

  3. elsie says:

    Even though you were loaded down, sunlight and blossoms lifted you up with renewed energy. It’s amazing the effect nature has on our outlook and attitude. Love the pictures, how beautiful!

  4. Tam says:

    Oh, wonderful longer day hours!!! I can go shopping longer when I’m an hour from home! No one has mentioned this yet about spring! Funny, it’s like that in Seoull and here, also! Thanks for reminding us that in spite of the cold temps, it is still spring!!!!

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