Poetry Does Matters

I’m having a blast teaching our poetry unit in writing workshop right now. Our poetry wall which I shared about in previous posts is all FILLED up now! It was really cool seeing the students put up their own poems on the wall and read each other’s poem.

I’ve also introduced the self portrait anthology project where the students will be filling in a blank book with poems and “choice” pieces that express who they are. They were really excited about getting started on this project.  We will also start preparing for our joint fifth grade poetry cafe as well!

Our full poetry wall!

chubby goldfish poem

I just started reading this book called Poetry Matters by Ralph Fletcher. I am even more excited to see him in person at the Reading Institute this summer in NYC! Anyways, there are some really good quotes from the book that I wanted to share:

“It has been said that writing a poem for someone else is like giving blood because it comes from the heart of the writer and goes to the heart of the receiver. Poems are filled with words from the heart.” —Ralph Fletcher

“A poem is like an x-ray of what is going on inside of you. ” –Ralph Fletcher

Reading & keeping my eye open for a seat on the subway.

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