SOLC#21: Adventures Driving in Seoul

My dad quickly rounded the corner in the grey Chrysler mini-van we borrowed from school. Crunch. Surprised at the unexpected sound and bump, I looked outside the car. Luckily, it was only the yam being sold on the corner of the street that we ran over. I got out of the car and proceeded to … Continue reading SOLC#21: Adventures Driving in Seoul

Digital Storytelling through Google Search

Digital storytelling through google search! I just discovered this website where you can create your own search stories through another slice of life entry. I was actually just thinking about how to incorporate digital storytelling with my students, and I think this could be the perfect first steps. So I played around with the program … Continue reading Digital Storytelling through Google Search

SOLC#19: Not a Typical Saturday Morning

There is hot toast, boiled eggs, fresh grapes and cut apples awaiting on my dining table for me. There is an empty cup waiting to be filled with juice. The laundry is folded and done. My colorful scarves are neatly ironed and arranged on a hanger. My refrigerator is stocked with strawberries, banchan (Korean side dishes),  and kimchi. I don't have … Continue reading SOLC#19: Not a Typical Saturday Morning

One Way to Help Japan with Your Students!

  Taken from Filipão 28 realeased by Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic I received a facebook message from an old colleague about a way to have your students help the people in Japan. I thought this was a great idea and I hope other educators will join in too! Hope Letters  is a website where you … Continue reading One Way to Help Japan with Your Students!