SOLC#31: Sometimes…

Slice of Lifer

For 31 days, you blogged day and night, from different countries, time zones and classrooms

Sometimes, you felt like you had nothing to write

Sometimes, you smiled as you shared about a memorable memory with your students

Sometimes, you struggled to get what was inside to come out on your screen

Sometimes, you were encouraged by the comments of other slicers

Sometimes, you wanted to scream, but instead you blogged about it

Sometimes, you learned from others through the power of words

Sometimes, you were moved deeply by life and you wrote about it.

Sometimes, you realized how hard it is to write every single day

Sometimes, you were amazed at the strong community of writers that can form on the Internet

Sometimes, you fell asleep with the laptop by your side and post still unwritten.

Sometimes, you were surprised at how people responded to your slice

Sometimes, you wrote slices instead of doing grading or dealing with paperwork.

Sometimes, you wrote about the matters of your heart, your students and your passion for teaching.

Sometimes, you wanted to stop, but you kept going.

I am so happy to say that I did it.

31 days.

31 posts.

Now it’s time to celebrate with some poetry from our classroom poetry wall. A special thanks to slicer Diana for sharing about this link yesterday. I had some students  write emotional animal poems  & love that poems today. They were amazing!

Poetry Wall Instructions

Emotional Animal Poem

Love this line!

Imitating the Style of Walter Dean Myers

16 thoughts on “SOLC#31: Sometimes…

  1. melody says:

    oh my gosh this post was by far the best one you wrote for the challenge! and the poetry at the end… MAN. good job mentor. GOOD JOB!

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