SOLC#30: Expert Advice

For the past few years, my work out routine consisted of stretching for a few minutes then going on the treadmill and running for as long I could push myself. A few times I dabbled with the weight lifting machines, but I just didn’t find much interest in them.

Over a month ago, I heard a rumor. I heard that our elementary P.E. teacher was giving personalized workout regiments to some teachers. I immediately asked her about getting my own personalized workout plan. She asked me some questions and did a basic consultation of what I wanted to work on. By the next week, I had me my own plan.

When I saw this plan, I was surprised at how detailed and long it was. She created three different categories of workouts for me: cardio, circuit and core. Then, she listed different workouts for each category. I admit that I’ve been only doing the cardio ones recently. They are the easiest to figure out what they are exactly.

After a long day of being with my students, going to a meeting, then doing some prep work for the next day, I finally made it to the gym by 5:30pm. I had a good cardio workout where I used the treadmill, elliptical, rower, and bike. I know that without her workout plan, I probably wouldn’t have pushed myself to try to use the other equipment at the gym. Also, a lot of these workouts are much harder to complete than what I normally did before. These workouts are challenging, but a good goal for me.

I was reminded of our roles as teachers again. As the experts in our classroom, we need to consult with our students, and know where they are. We need to constantly be pushing our students to reach new levels. We need them to find value in the advice we give them. We need to support them with specific goals for them.

6 thoughts on “SOLC#30: Expert Advice

  1. Linda Baie says:

    How great that you found other ways to exercise, & then to apply your learning to your students is even better. Good luck with the workouts–in the gym & in the classroom!

  2. Cathy says:

    I love that you compared what you are doing for your workouts to what we do in the classroom.

    Also, love to find a fellow sister in Christ!

    I often use the gym analogies with my students. How I started off with just a small dumbbell and then was able to lift heavier ones to build my muscles. Just like they start with books that are just right and that they eventually change because their brains grow and become stronger.

    Hope you enjoy your workouts! Would your gym teacher want to give an overseas workout routine? 🙂

    • jee young says:

      That’s grea that you use gym analogies with your kids! I find that we can make many analogies with running and working out! I can e-mail you a copy of my workout if you’re interested. Let me know your e-mail.

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