SOLC#29: Take Your Parents to Work Day

I remember they used to have take your kids to work day when I was growing up. Now, I feel like the roles are reversed. Today, my parents came to work with me. They are visiting Korea for the first time since I moved here. They came to see my school and meet my students. So I forced my mom to teach my writing workshop lesson! She is a poet and writes poems in Korean which fit in nicely with our poetry unit.

She shared with my students a Korean poem she wrote about spring and then had the students ask questions about it. She also shared her book of poems and pictures she had. After, I had the students work on poems in English and/or Korean. The students seemed to enjoy it, as did my mom!

The magical place from yesterday's post!

7 thoughts on “SOLC#29: Take Your Parents to Work Day

  1. Linda Baie says:

    What a lovely experience for you, your mother, & your students, especially, to meet a poet & talk about her work. It must have been such a good time. And-thanks for the photos, especially of the magical place at the window.

  2. Elizabeth G. says:

    I’m sure that your students were eager to get started after being inspired by your mom. What a wonderful gift to share I love the idea of taking our parents to work with us. 😉

  3. Denise Krebs says:

    That is awesome that your mom could come and meet your class. My mom did that many times over the years, and my students always loved to meet her. Your kids had a special bonus today having your poetic mom share with them. Very nice. I read yesterday’s post too, so it was nice to see the magical place that encourage the great writing ideas.

    Denise Krebs

  4. melody says:

    finally caught up on your blog… so many adventures! I love that your mom got to teach a poetry lesson, absolutely fantastic ^^

  5. Becky says:

    What a wonderful way to model writing and how it is a shared family experience. I wonder if any students will ask their parents or others to write with them.

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