SOLC#26: Thank you

As I came home tonight, my parents were already in my apartment. My apartment felt like a sauna , my mom gets cold easily.

“How come you didn’t write about climbing Seorak mountain?” My dad inquired. Well, first I was surprised that he read my recent blog entries. Second, I just didn’t have time nor the energy. So instead of writing about hiking up Seorak mountain during our infamous family road trip, I wanted to write a slice for my parents in honor of their 31st wedding anniversary this past Friday. 🙂

Thank you for always being willing to pick me up from the train station even if it’s past your bedtime.

Thank you for making soup or bringing me medicine when I’m sick.

Thank you for being just a phone call away when I have car trouble or need a ride.

Thank you for coming to all those school concerts, volleyball games and skating competitions.

Thank you for valuing education and encouraging me to strive for excellence in all that I do.

Thank you for giving me the space to make mistakes and discover who I am in the process.

Thank you for your unconditional love that parents can have towards their children.

What do you thank your parents for? 🙂

my parents ❤

2 thoughts on “SOLC#26: Thank you

  1. Nancy C says:

    I love this and I bet your parents do too!!! Your parents sound a lot like mine.

    I would thank my parents for being my role models, my heros, my inspiration.

    I would like to thank my parents for instilling a good sense of right and wrong. For encouraging me to speak up for those who can’t; for helping those in need.

    Congratulations and a Happy Anniversary to your folks!

    Thanks for your post!

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