SOLC #25: The Sprint

I continued walking at a brisk pace, as I glanced at my watch. I was running late and needed to get to the bus stop as quickly as possible. Then, I looked towards my left to see if the bus was coming, and to my surprise I saw the big blue city bus barely ahead of me. That’s when I started to book it forward.

The crosswalk had turned green and I started to run, with my black leather bag hitting against my side. I continued to sprint across the street ahead of the pedestrians casually sauntering the street. As I turned the corner and raced along the sidewalk, as I saw my friend waiting for me at the bus stop a few meters ahead.

The bus had obviously beat me to the bus stop. It was stopped as passengers started to get on the bus. I still had a good few meters until I reached the bus. I increased my speed as I waved to my friend. She started to get on the bus, as I quickly lessened the gap between the bus and me. She waited by the door and I finally made it on.

As I slid onto the seat next to my friend, we laughed as I attempted to catch my breath. It was a close call. I’m glad the bus driver didn’t leave me. We finally made it to our destination. We got to eat some great food at Amandier. I highly recommend their food especially their desserts & breads.

americano & fresh sandwiches

chicken caesar salad

mango cream cheese & strawberry sakura macarons

strawberry tarte & popcorn/yuza cake

5 thoughts on “SOLC #25: The Sprint

  1. caroline524 says:

    I can remember several times when my bus left just as I had arrived at the stop. All that running and panting for nothing. You had a well-deserved treat after the run.

  2. Linda Baie says:

    Oh-I thought you were going to miss it! You wrote it with such anxiety so I was moving along, wondering what was going to happen. But, it ended well, & with such treats.

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