SOLC#19: Not a Typical Saturday Morning

There is hot toast, boiled eggs, fresh grapes and cut apples awaiting on my dining table for me. There is an empty cup waiting to be filled with juice. The laundry is folded and done. My colorful scarves are neatly ironed and arranged on a hanger. My refrigerator is stocked with strawberries, banchan (Korean side dishes),  and kimchi. I don’t have to clean my apartment. I’m eating breakfast and I’m up early. It’s nice having my parents visit! It’s not a typical Saturday morning.

6 thoughts on “SOLC#19: Not a Typical Saturday Morning

  1. Linda Baie says:

    You led us down the proverbial garden path & did it quite disarmingly. I thought you were visiting your parents! What a lovely description of the niceness of your parents. I hope they saw your post.

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