SOLC#13: Celebrating Freedom Sunday

Today is Freedom Sunday. It is a movement started by the Not for Sale campaign. I had the opportunity to go to Onnuri English Ministry Church today to hear David Bastone speak, the founder of Not for Sale campaign.

Did you know that Korean women are the second most trafficked women to the United States today? They are second behind Chinese women. This really broke my heart as I heard this. What was even sadder is that when these Korean women are “rescued” from these brothels  in the United States, then they are deported back to Korea, where they live in shame for their past.

Another story that David Bastone shared was about how North Korean women were being trafficked from China then to other countries like Thailand. This even broke my heart more to hear that North Koreans who are escaping their oppressive country are leaving,  to enter a life of bondage to the sex slave industry.

As David Bastone continued to share different stories, one of the things that stuck with me is that they are not trying to buy freedom for all the enslaved people. That is not their method. They are looking at the root cause of the problem and trying to be part of something they called smart activism. They are finding ways to prevent the trafficking. As he continued to share, he urged us to be a generation known for justice.

This made me think about my students and our role as teachers. My hope is that they will have empathy towards the people that are suffering and in modern day slavery.  I hope that they will be fighters of injustice, as the future leaders of our world. I hope that they will seek after freedom for all, no matter the risk.

Here is a link for resources for highschool teachers from the not for sale campaign:

What do you do in your classroom to bring awareness of social justice issues? How can we help students have empathy toward others?

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