SOLC#11: Technical Difficulties

This year, I got to present again at the  Korcos conference with my colleague and good friend Elaine. We got to present in the first session! We decided to go early to the room and set up for our presentation, hoping to run through our presentation. That’s when everything started to go wrong…

When we first got to the room, it was locked and we had to get someone to come up an unlock the door.

Then, we saw that there was no computer attached to the projector. We thought we would have a computer already in our classroom. We had to call the help desk.  They sent someone up within minutes with a mac laptop. I turned the computer on and we didn’t know the log-in & pw. So we called the help desk a second time.

Then, the wireless internet didn’t connect. We called the helpdesk again. This time I made Elaine call, since I already called them twice. She told me that they are sending us their “tech guru”. And behold, in minutes we had a high school students wearing a t-shirt that  said “tech guru”  in our room.  He couldn’t figure it out, and called other people to come in. The two high school girls that came tried a bunch of different things then had to call another person to come in. Finally they got it to connect.

Then, we only had 10 minutes left to prepare.  I put in the cd with the conference video clip,  but the player they had was an older version. We couldn’t get the exact clip  we needed to come out. We called the help desk AGAIN!

Minus a few difficulties with technology in setting up, we made it through our presentation. We had a full classroom, with people even sitting on the floor on the sides and back.  It was great seeing so many teachers seemed interested in using the writing workshop model. They had great questions! We received positive feedback from many teachers which was so encouraging as well.

A few important lessons learned:

  • Bring my laptop with me as a back up.
  • Go early to set up before presenting, you never know what might go wrong.
  • Be flexible. We ended up not showing the conferencing clip, but we had time to answer questions and have teachers look at writer’s notebooks and other materials we brought.
  • Present with with a partner! It was fun and helpful to present together. Also, it added more depth to our presentation since my partner teaches second grade.

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