Movement in Math!

Last week, I stumbled upon a few interesting videos about power teaching. Even though they were short clips of  teachers using this method, it was so cool to see. I always enjoy getting to visit or seeing clips of classrooms. In my previous school in NYC, we did a lot of classroom visits and I also had a lot of different teachers visit my classroom from the district. However, teaching in an international school, those kind of networks are not that available. I haven’t been able to visit any classrooms outside my school.

I liked how these teachers in the clips used a lot of different movements & gestures with their arms. At the start of my geometry lesson, I had this idea to have the kids come up with gestures for the different terms we were learning.

After making different motions for each word, I would say the different vocabulary terms and have them do the motion for it. It was a good way to get them moving around and learn math at the same time.

Today, I had one of my students take a picture of each motion and we put it on our classroom blog. Here are a few of the photos. You need to use your imagination a little bit! 🙂


line segment

acute angle

















What are some ways you’ve incorporated movement into your classroom?

Has anyone tried or heard about this power teaching? I’m definitely interested in learning more about it!

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