Need for Inspiration

These past few weeks have been a bit rough. I’ve just been feeling really overwhelmed, exhausted and busy. In the midst of all this busyness, I felt like I needed some inspiration.

I was reminded that the life of a teacher is demanding and challenging in many ways. However, it is also rewarding and purposeful. Even though all of your students might not show their appreciation, they will remember you for the rest of their lives and you will have made some kind of impact.

I still remember all of my teachers’ names. I remember which ones were kind and which ones were mean. I remember which teachers made me laugh and which ones made me cry. I remember which teachers encouraged me and which ones discouraged me.

So if you’re having a rough day, week or year, remember that you are making an impact in the lives of all of your students. It is up to you to do decide what kind of impact you want to make.

What inspires you to keep teaching?

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