What Makes a Great Teacher?

Photo by Martin Greffe released under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic

Today in science class, I had students answer this question: What makes a great teacher? We are working on a project where they will be teaching other students about volcanoes. Since they will be taken on the role of a “teacher” I wanted them to really think about the characteristics of good teachers.

Here are their responses:

  • Explains things first, then lets you try
  • Asks questions
  • Has celebrations
  • Strict
  • Lets you experience new things
  • Creative
  • Speaks loud and clearly
  • Smart
  • Allows you to make things or experience things
  • Cares a lot
  • Open to your questions and opinions
  • Are happy
  • Gives examples
  • Uses games and prizes
  • Makes me understand

What is a good list of things to strive for as a teacher! What other things would you add?

4 thoughts on “What Makes a Great Teacher?

  1. jee young says:

    Hi Denise! I’m glad you liked the post. Let me know if you do end up asking your students what makes a great teacher! I’m curious to know what they said!
    –jee young

  2. melody says:

    Love that list! Things I would add:

    -loves (hehe) to repeat themself (especially with younger students)

    great post!

    • jee young says:

      I totally agree with you on those three things. I’m struggling to be patient with some of my students….you probably know who! hehehe 🙂

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