Revolutionize Your Grading

I recently read about an online program called quizstar that is free for teachers. I mean who doesn’t love free stuff?! A few minutes later, I signed up and created an account as an instructor. I decided to create a multiple choice science quiz for my students. You can also include T/F questions and short response questions. However with short response questions you have to grade.

The next day, I had my students create their own user name & password. You can do this yourself, but I felt my 5th grade students could handle this on their own.

Once they created an account, you can add their user name to your class roster. I had students take the quiz on laptops in class. It was cool because students can see their results right after. Also, you get an online report of how each student did. They make neat graphs and charts and tell you which ones they get right and wrong. So here are the benefits I have found in using this online quiz program:

  • You save paper!! No more standing in line for the copy machine and having to deal with annoying paper jams.
  • You save time because you don’t have to grade! The computer does it for you.
  • Immediate feedback for students on their score. None of that nagging you whether you’ve graded their quizzes or not.
  • Immediate feedback for you as the teacher. You can see which questions students got wrong and right, and use that to plan your instruction.

Here are some snapshots of what the report you get for each quiz looks like:

Are there any other online quiz making programs people have used and recommend?

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